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Ape Near Club

1,111 Apes wearing props with style.

About Ape Near Club


Ape Near Club is a deflationary collection of 1,111 apes, manually launched on Paras.id, the first marketplace on Near Blockchain.

Originally planned to be launched on Solana, it was migrated before its launch.

At Ape Near Club, we have the ambition to have one of the largest wallet in the Near blockchain.
We regularly invest in the most promising projects over the long term, in order to grow the capital of the DAO.

The usefulness of each NFT will benefit all members of the DAO.

The biggest DAO wallet on NEAR

The first revshare project

Ape near club was the first project to share its royalties with its holders. During the first snapshot, 200N were shared between the holders.

The royalties are exclusively reserved for the holders and for the investment in the DAO.

Introducing the babies

Babies are invading the blockchain!

666 deflationary Baby Ape Near Club (BANC) will be launched through the Utopia Launchpad. Around the end of February, beginning of March!
On the program: Burn, royalties and staking!

Supply: 666
Mint price: 3,66N

Sold out!

Wen BANC ?



















Launch Twitter account and Discord server. Minting and listing 1,111 ANC on Paras.id.

Sold out

Set up the discord sales bot, twitter sales bot, holder verification bot, and roles for DAO.

Launch royaltie club

Distribute the first passive income on Near blockchain to our holders.


Partnership with projects to obtain WL spots and other benefits for our holders. Auction 1/1 ANC.

Release anc rank 1

ANC #1111 - The Ape burner: This ape will use some of the gains from gen 2 to sweep the floor of ANC, and then burn them. In order to reduce the supply.

Baby ANC X skellies launchpad

Distribute WL to all our holders, launch BANC through UTOPIA.

Supply 2,222
Mint price TBA
Mint date TBA

apeclub dao launch on astro dao

Launch ApeClubDAO with AstroDAO

All holders will be a members of the DAO. Your ranks will determine your influence on
the DAO.

100% royalties banc
  • 50% to ANC holders
  • 50% to BANC holders
using proceeds - stake, invest, burn

30% will be staked on Metapool.
$META and $RFE finance token rewards of staking will be shared with holders.

30% will be reinvest to grow the DAO wallet.

8% will be used to sweep ANC floor.
ANCs swept will be burned by the Ape Burner.
The holder of the Ape burner will be responsible for choosing which of them are worth saving.

dao staking & gallery

We will use NEARton to proudly show up the DAO wallet.
All the projects in partnership with NEARton that we own
will be staked.

100% of rewards will be shared with holders.

giveaway printing for holders

10 ANC will be draw. Their owner will receive
HQ printing of their Ape, dedicated by the artist.

anc / banc staking

You will be able to stake your Apes.


Meet the team

It is a two-man team, who have already successfully experimented with NFTs on ETH and SOL, before founding their own project on NEAR.



Mass adoption is Near

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